1. penumbralmindspace said: Woah. This. Is. Something. I'm going to have to once again disagree with Hamilton, however. Who is to say whether they must become discontented ghosts, or guardian angels? Doesn't that depend on the character of the former president? I suppose that is what I see here.

    Haha, thanks!

    I don’t know if I really agree with Hamilton either, and of course there’s a lot of interaction between a former president, his legacy, and the current president. I’m sure everyone saw Nixon as a worrying ghost, but Carter could be a poltergeist to President G. W. Bush and more of a friendly spectre to President Obama.

    (I might be stretching the metaphor a bit.)

  2. (Obama in 2012 on election night, and Obama in 2008 after voting.)

    And that’s it for The Ghost Presidents Project! Have a good four years. (I am not doing this for the next president.)

  3. The Ghost Presidents Project.

    (George Washington)

  5. The Ghost Presidents Project.

    (Abraham Lincoln)

  6. The Ghost Presidents Project.

    (James Garfield)

    (Also, there will be a triple update for the election tomorrow!)

  8. The Ghost Presidents Project.

    (William Howard Taft)

  10. The Ghost Presidents Project.

    (Franklin Pierce)